2013 Wooden Collection

Stilted Earrings

Materials: Wood, Silver, Paint

Buoy Pedant with Rope

Materials: Copper, Brass, Wool

Branded Rings

Materials: Wood, Paint, Ink, Silver

Drifted Necklaces

Materials: Wood, Paint, Ink, rubber, Copper

Green Branded Necklace

Materials: Wood, Ink, Paint, Copper, Brass,Rubber

Yellow Branded Necklace

Materials: Wood, paint, ink, copper, rubber

Wooden Knotted Necklace

Materials: Wood, Ink, Copper, Paint

'Yellow loops Necklace'

Materials: Wood, Ink, Copper, Brass, Rubber

Orange Creel Brooch

Materials: Copper, wood, ink, silver backing

Black Knots Brooch

Materials: 18Kt Gold, Silver, Rubber

Pierced Rings With Wooden Insert

Materials: Silver, Wood, Paint, Ink

Drifted Silver Pendant

Materials: Silver, Driftwood