About Kelly

I am a Scottish designer born on the North Coast which my jewellery is inspired by. I run my small jewellery business from Glasgow and exhibit over the UK and internationally.

Artists Statement
My inspiration is drawn from my heritage and homeland. I was born in a small town in the far north coast of Scotland, well known for its historical fishing industry. I am surrounded by small abandoned ports around the coast, and have had a particular interest in fishing equipment used in the past and present. This inspiration is reflected in the lobster pots as a starting point for my graduation show work. This has evolved through stages of material exploration and settled at the combination of ‘weathering’ wood and traditional metal techniques.
The technique of intricate saw piercing enables me to create nets and lightweight structures. I aim to shadow the forms of the nets and pots, and loosely interpret these shapes in my own way. The technique of pyrography plays an important role in my pieces allowing me to create often detailed patterns combines with charred edges and loose paint strokes, mirroring the intricately knotted nets of the trade combined with wind beaten driftwood. My work aims to portray the rustic look of items found near harbors and tide lines.